Emicon launches Everest290 range of modular propane chillers and heat pumps

Enex Technologies is proud to announce the launch of Emicon’s new range of propane chillers and heat pumps, the Everest290. Designed to operate in a working range so large as to allow the production of high-temperature hot water even in the harshest climates, this range offers itself as an effective solution to common boilers.

The concept of modularity that distinguishes it guarantees the system maximum operational flexibility as well as allowing a high range of heating and cooling power thanks to the possibility of combining up to 10 modules within a single system. The advantage of adopting this modular solution, in addition to the effi- ciency at partial loads and the low refrigerant charge required, is certainly the extensibility, which allowsthe system to be expanded at any time in a simple and effective way.

“We are excited to launch the Emicon Everest290. This range of propane chillers and heat pumps is a testa- ment to our commitment to providinginnovative and sustainable solutions to our customers” commen- ted Luis Crespo Barber, Enex Technologies HVAC & Commercial Refrigeration BUs President. “We believe that the Everest290 range will revolutionize the heating and cooling industry leveraging on its innovative features like modularity and top-notch connectivity solutions.”

The flagship of the range are the 4-pipe units, capable of simultaneously producing high-temperature hot water and chilled water at the highest efficiency values on the market. Everest290 stands out for its ability to reach high water temperatures (up to 70°C) even in a harsh climate (-20°C)and its possibility of extending the system at any time. The innovative “Master in rotation” logic allows one or more modules to be excluded for maintenance or other needs without interrupting the service of the entire system.

Orders for Everest290 will start from October 2023.