Emerson Launches Premium Monitoring Services for its Oversight Cargo Platform

Credits: Emerson

Emerson (NYSE: EMR) announced recently it is launching new premium monitoring services for its Oversight cargo services platform, transforming billions of aggregated sensor data points from GO loggers and trackers into insights customers can utilize to manage their cold chain more effectively.

The cold chain is complex and comprised of various carriers, vendors, and third-party distributors, with thousands of pallets being distributed each day. The common question over the last decade is how to better interpret and utilize all of the data points collected from devices to enable better overarching supply chain decisions. Instead of reviewing and reacting to individual trips and alerts, companies can now identify trends from months and years of data through the new Oversight Cargo Services offering and potentially minimize or mitigate these occurrences from occurring in the future.

The suite of Oversight cargo services ingests previously siloed groups of data and automatically translates the data into trends that are actionable. Customers using Oversight cargo services can choose one or more of the following upgraded offerings:

  • Reports and Scorecards: Provides an interactive dashboard of mission-critical supply chain insights and analytics on-demand. No-cost basic and fee-based premium dashboards are available.
  • Data Integration: Consolidates and automates separate data streams of shipment information into a third-party platform, so users can enjoy the unified system of their choice.
  • Managed Services: Leverages a team of Emerson cold chain experts to help monitor shipments 24/7/365. Carriers are contacted directly providing peace of mind knowing product is safe and on time.
  • Professional and Consultative Services: Analyze and identify cold chain gaps and pinpoint sources of cold chain issues before they occur with an on-site consultation and analysis.
  • Shipment Tracking: Provide customers and employees direct access to real-time shipment information and temperature data from any web-based portal.

Along this journey to proactive cold chain management insights, many discover weaknesses in their capabilities, of which they may not have been previously aware,” said Juliette Giles, senior product manager, software and services, cold chain for Emerson. “Overarching professional cold chain management software and services can deliver a full range of services to fill in the gaps and shore up capabilities.”