Emerson Introduces the New Copeland™ YB*K1G Scroll Compressor for R290 Refrigerant

Copeland™ R290 YB*K1G scroll compressors with IP65 and IP54 terminal box

Emerson (NYSE: EMR), is launching CopelandTM R290 YB**K1G scroll compressor: the largest R290 scroll available on the market. In the light of F-Gas regulation, R290 is an attractive alternative to commonly used refrigerants. This flammable refrigerant has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 3 and zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP), reducing CO2-equivalent greenhouse gas emissions and providing excellent thermodynamic properties.

Copeland YB*K1G scroll compressor is one of the best future-proof compressors due to its usage of a premium natural refrigerant with a very low GWP and as well for being a long-term solution. The technology behind the largest R290 scroll compressor enables best in-class high seasonal system efficiency, due to part load compressor performance and low super heat capabilities.

The new line-up includes 4 models (10-15 HP) with a cooling capacity from 13 to 22 kW at medium temperature refrigeration condition (-10/45°C) perfectly fitted for refrigeration chillers (with secondary loop in the store) in retail applications (medium temperature cabinets and cold rooms), with the option to recover heat for optimum energy usage.

The R290 fully hermetic design comes with an IP65 ATEX Terminal Box, but it is also available in an IP54 version, making the design safe and compliant with all required regulations. Reliability of Copeland R290 YB*K1G scroll compressor is guaranteed by the dedicated oil and modified parts for optimum lubrication.

The lightweight (half of equivalent Semi-Hermetic piston compressor) and compact design of the compressor enable low applied cost for the systems, combined with the high seasonal efficiency, it allows very quick pay-back for a greener world!

With the dedicated R290 package solution, not only the time to market can be considerably decreased, but the performance is enhanced by leveraging the cross-functional expertise (compressor, flow controls and electronics). The solution includes R290 pressure switches, expansion valves and oil regulators; system controllers, and it is available for single or multiple compressor applications to cover wide range of store formats.