Embraco launches condensing units portfolio developed specifically for Japanese market needs

Embraco, a global provider of refrigeration technology for the complete domestic and commercial cold chain, and part of the Nidec Global Appliance portfolio of brands, is launching in Japan a new portfolio of refrigeration condensing units built for the Japanese market needs. The lineup is suited for a variety of applications such as professional kitchen reach-ins, supermarket display cases, island freezers, and refrigerators for medical applications.

This condensing units portfolio offers a full range of models covering up to 1Hp in a standard product configuration, enabling an easy installation in assembly lines for new refrigeration applications. The portfolio uses Embraco compressors families FGS and NEU, which offer energy efficiency combined with robustness and a versatile range of cooling capacities, all in compliance with Japan’s energy consumption regulations. They also have versions in 3 phase voltage (200V 50/60Hz) besides 1 phase (100 V 50/60Hz).

Additionally to the standard components of a condensing unit –  which are the compressor, fan motor, fan and condenser – the lineup with NEU compressors comes fully equipped with a liquid line, filter drier, pressure switch and valves, eliminating the need for the manufacturer to customize it later. The models with FGS compressors come with the same accessories except the pressure switch.

Embraco has been expanding its condensing units portfolio in all regions worldwide, aiming to offer complete solutions, which means cooling systems that come with all the necessary accessories, ready for assembly. For commercial refrigeration equipment manufacturers, buying the complete system instead of assembling one internally, allows optimization in the supply chain management as well the production process. The complete solution means quicker installation and maintenance.