Embraco, a global company that promotes quality of life through innovative cooling solutions, is attending the 22nd PIR Expo event in Moscow on October 7 to 10. During the popular exhibition for restaurants, hotels, cafes and supermarket businesses professionals, the company will present innovative and energy efficient compressors and systems for this segments, all approved for R290 natural refrigerant (propane).

This annual B2B event is an excellent forum to meet customers, end users – like professional kitchens and supermarket owners – and technicians from one of the key refrigeration markets in the world. At PIR Expo, these decision-makers will be further informed about trendy solutions using natural refrigerants offered by Embraco.

Although the natural refrigerants utilization is not yet slated to be compulsory in Russia, for the last few years Embraco has been spearheading the drive in favor of hydrocarbon-fueled solutions in the country. The number of Embraco’s Russian customers using R290 applications has been growing steadily.

A glimpse on the future of refrigeration

Embraco booth at PIR Expo has been designed to both educate and show benefits of products, used in their specific applications. It will be divided into four parts, presenting:

  • Main R290 refrigerant benefits as the best option in terms of green solutions that also increase energy efficiency. This natural refrigerant has zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and negligible Global Warming Potential (GWP).
  • A supermarket model that will allow visitors to experience first-hand the benefits of Plug n’ Cool, a complete system and self-contained solution designed for reach-in applications in supermarkets and convenience stores.
  • The complete range of innovative products that have already sparked global interest – including EMX, FMF and NJX (read more below).
  • Embraco’s total preparedness to supply Russian customers with material, knowledge and service support throughout the extensive sales network of Russia.
 Complete cooling systems 

Being the center of Embraco’s booth in PIR, Plug n’ Cool reduces the store’s energy consumption with refrigeration by more than 30%. The hallmark feature of this particular cooling solution is that it provides a “plug and play” refrigeration feature that accelerates the installation process by 70%, and can replace the traditional machine room, avoiding refrigerant leakage and saving space in the cabinet and store, which allows more flexibility in terms of layout.

Suited for display cases and coolers the EM-Series provide low noise and vibration, reaching the highest efficiency levels available in the market for this category. It is the best selling Embraco compressor in the world.

For light commercial applications, such as medium and low temperature reach-ins, as well as supermarket islands, FMF-Series provides better temperature control and reduces energy consumption. It enables the compressor to run at a broader range of speeds resulting in lower noise and vibration compared to standard solutions, and works with variable speed technology.

NJX, recent launch for commercial refrigeration – including applications such as refrigerated islands, milk coolers, merchandisers, upright cabinets, reach-ins and ice cream makers – brings a compact design which stands out for low energy consumption, robustness and high reliability. This product extension can stretch the cooling capacity up to 2 hp for low temperature applications, an improvement up to 50% in comparison to the current solutions available in the market.