EHPA: New document on sound pressure in heat pumps

Sound and noise issues are becoming more and more important for EU and national au- thorities, as well as for end-users. More and more communities and Member States are introducing maximum outdoor sound pressure limits at the installation site. Whereas, the indoor sound is often regulated in national building codes.

For this reason, the heat pump industry recognises that there is a need for rapid actionto deliver on sound expectations and to provide the end-users as well as the policymakers, with an answer to the issue of acoustic. Indeed, concerns on heat pump sound should not undermine the environmental and energy efficiency benefits that the technology is providing.

EHPA – the association of heat pumps – is also attentive to this issue and, thanks to the impulse of some of its members, held a workshop on aspects related to the noise of heat pumps. The workshop provided manufacturers with a platform to discuss machine noise emissions and responses to the public. Participants were also invited to reflect on possible actions to address issues related to this topic. From this workshop resulted also a white paper available HERE.

More research and development, complemented by better regulation, will certainly help the heat pump industry to deliver on sound expectations. In addition, the dissemination of information via the development of a valid guide will help ao tackle many aspects of the sound issue, while avoiding undermining the environmental and energy efficiency benefits of the heat pump technology.