Efficient Energy expands its Partner Network in Europe

Georg Dietrich, CEO (left) and Thomas Bartmann, Sales Director (Right)

Efficient Energy, the German tech pioneer for sustainable refrigeration technology using the climate- neutral refrigerant water, has radically expanded its partner network in 2021. Besides systematically increasing its distribution and service network in the DACH region, it is now also selling its eChiller refrigeration systems in France, Sweden and Norway.

Europe leads the way in natural refrigerants

The refrigerant market is currently undergoing a huge transformation: With the goal of cutting CO2 emissions, the EU enacted the F-Gas Regulation which will drastically restrict the use of traditional, hydrofluorocarbon- (HFC-) based refrigerants in the near future, forcing operators of such systems to fundamentally rethink their cooling strategies.

The revolution in the refrigeration market triggered by the passing of the EU’s F-Gas Regulation has, this year alone, led to a halving of the total permitted HFC consumption compared to 2017. We’re feeling the rocketing demand for natural refrigerants and environmentally friendly refrigeration technology firsthand,” comments Thomas Bartmann, Sales Director and Member of the Executive Board at Efficient Energy.

Rising demand for natural refrigerants

Rising demand for its clean cooling solutions prompted Efficient Energy to start expanding its partner network actively across Europe in 2021. To date, this has resulted in a more than 100% increase in its distribution and service network in Germany alone. This trend continues unbroken. In addition, key countries such as France, Sweden and Norway have also been added to its network, with further countries planned.

Across Europe, more and more prospective partners are approaching us with the request to distribute our energy-efficient eChiller product family because they’re convinced of this unique refrigeration solution,” Bartmann continued. “As the only supplier of series-produced chillers that use water as a climate-neutral refrigerant, and in view of our expansive sales strategy, we see ourselves as a pioneer of sustainable refrigeration solutions that offer operators real future security.

Course set for growth

Besides diversifying its product family and expanding its partner network, the clean tech company has enjoyed another year of dynamic growth. In November, Efficient Energy was decorated with Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 Award for its above-average expansion over the last few years which, put into figures, translates to one of the top 3 growth champions of the past four years.

Over the last four years, we’ve succeeded in establishing our clean cooling refrigeration solutions in the DACH region, and experienced a further market boost with the launch of the eChiller120. For our customers, the eChiller is an important building block in their climate strategy to reduce their carbon footprint and electricity consumption to an unprecedented level. We’re therefore planning to expand the product range still further to serve even more IT and industrial applications,” adds Efficient Energy’s CEO, Georg Dietrich.

Water as a refrigerant

Efficient Energy’s eChiller product centres on its Bluezero® technology which uses water as a climate- neutral refrigerant, thereby eliminating the need for environmentally harmful F-gases. The technology is ideally suited to cooling data centres and server rooms, and industrial processes and machinery, as well as for use in technical air conditioning.