EFCTC releases statement on F-gas Regulation European Parliament vote

“The European FluoroCarbons Technical Committee (EFCTC) members recognise the importance of the work and contribution from all stakeholders to date on the F-gas Regulation. F-gas producers, downstream users and industry associations have been proactively engaged in the process, collaborating constructively with the authorities.

EFCTC members are disappointed by the amendments adopted by the European Parliament in Annex IV of the proposal which now covers all F-gases, including those with a very low Global Warming Potential (GWP), banning their use in a wide range of applications in the next 3-5 years. Low GWP fluorinated refrigerants are part of the long-term solution for the transition away from higher GWP HFCs, whilst maintaining energy efficiency and safety. The transition to non-fluorinated industrially produced alternatives may result in risks primarily in the area of safety in many circumstances, such as high-density buildings.

 If low GWP HFCs are excluded in the final compromise text, there will be significant consequences for the operation of refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment and the use of some high-efficiency insulation materials vital to achieving the EU’s building decarbonisation goals. This may also jeopardise the widescale rollout of heat pumps in the EU and consequently undermine the REPowerEU programme.

EFCTC members welcome amendments voted by the European Parliament Plenary which will improve the future enforcement of the F-gas Regulation. In particular, through use of the Customs Single Window, as well as through promoting increased inspections of facilities by Member States and data collection, reporting and analysis. These measures will help minimise the imports of illegal and possibly unsafe F-gases in the European market.”