Daikin Europe reports exceptional sales growth

Despite challenging circumstances, Daikin Europe remains on course to realise the ambitious targets of its Fusion 2025 plan to become the leading producer of sustainable heating and cooling solutions in the EMEA market and play an important role in the energy transition.

Wim De Schacht, Vice-President of Daikin Europe

“These results are definitive proof that our strategy is the right one. By focussing on innovative and sustainable solutions, manufactured locally, we are clearly responding to today’s market needs,” says Wim De Schacht, Vice-President of Daikin Europe.

Firm response to today’s market needs

Daikin Europe reports strong sales growth across all of its business units, including residential air-conditioning, commercial refrigeration and its services and solutions offering. The rebound in the commercial segment – following a difficult period due to COVID – was stronger than expected. In the refrigeration segment, strong demand from food retail chains had a positive impact on the results of Daikin’s daughter company AHT.

Takayuki Kamekawa, Vice-President Sales of Daikin Europe

“Rising energy prices and ever more stringent regulation are driving both our residential and industrial customers to heating and cooling systems that help them reduce their environmental footprint,” says Takayuki Kamekawa, Vice-President Sales of Daikin Europe.

But the most remarkable growth was realised in the heating business. “Heat pumps are one of the key technologies to realise the energy transition. In many of our markets, including Italy and Germany, authorities introduced incentives to encourage home owners to replace older, fossil-fuel based technologies,” explains Takayuki Kamekawa.

Proximity strategy pays off

Hiromitsu Iwasaki, Vice-President Manufacturing at Daikin Europe

In 2021, many industries were impacted by global supply shortages of parts and components. These were caused by COVID restrictions and general disruptions in supply chains. Although Daikin Europe has also felt the impact of these disruptions, the company’s proximity strategy has been able to ward off the most adverse effects

“We have always strived to develop and manufacture our products as close as possible to the markets that we serve. This enables us to respond in a flexible manner to market demand and makes us less vulnerable to external factors. Throughout the years, we have also built long-standing relations with strategic suppliers. As a result, we have been able to outperform the market and grow our market share,” says Hiromitsu Iwasaki, Vice-President Manufacturing at Daikin Europe.

Contributing to the energy transition

Toshitaka Tsubouchi, President of Daikin Europe

Daikin Europe will continue to focus on the realisation of its Fusion 2025 plan.“We expect demand for our sustainable solutions to grow further, as authorities are leading the way to a carbon-neutral society. Moreover, the current geopolitical situation will intensify the need to phase out fossil fuels and reduce our energy dependency. It remains our mission to support this transition by developing and delivering the innovative solutions that are needed,” says Toshitaka Tsubouchi, President of Daikin Europe.

In order to do so, Daikin Europe group welcomed over 1,000 new colleagues throughout its organization in 2021. It continues to strengthen all its functions. The company already announced several investments in its manufacturing facilities across Europe and more will follow. Daikin Europe is also accelerating its investments in R&D. It started the construction of a big talent hub in Belgium, Daikin’s EMEA Development Center, foreseen to open in 2024. “Clearly, we are confident for the future. I hope to welcome many more diverse and talented people to our teams, so we can realize our ambitions for a healthier and more sustainable society,” concludes Toshitaka Tsubouchi.