Daikin Applied Expands Line of SmartSource Compact Heat Pumps, Provides Additional Design Flexibility

Daikin announced the expansion of its SmartSource Compact water source heat pump (WSHP) product line, adding a horizontal configuration to make the technology a fit for a broader range of applications.

SmartSource Compact heat pumps are designed to provide commercial contractors and facility managers with a low-cost alternative to more expensive and larger WSHPs. Now with vertical and horizontal configurations, the compact WSHPs are ideal for new construction and retrofits where space and budgets are limited. They can be configured for boiler tower or geothermal applications that are often found in schools, offices, lodging, condominiums and retail facilities.

Building owners shouldn’t have to sacrifice high-quality features when they need a low-cost option,” said Al Youker, product manager, Daikin Applied. “SmartSource Compact WSHPs not only conserve capital and space, they include the same features and options as premium-tier models, such as dual-level vibration isolation, two-stage compression, dehumidification and waterside economizers.”

The expanded line of WSHPs includes several innovations to deliver high efficiencies and optimize indoor air quality. For applications where maintaining low humidity is crucial, Daikin’s Smart Dehumidification technology senses when the space reaches the desired temperature and then diverts hot refrigerant gas to the reheat coil located downstream of the cooling coil. This prevents overcooling and maximizes moisture removal for improved comfort.

Beyond comfort, superior quality air has never been more important to customers as they face new challenges,” Youker said. “So SmartSource Compact is available with 2-inch-thick MERV 8 and 4-inch-thick MERV 13 filters to help reduce pathogens and contaminants.” The heat pumps also come with a double-sloped polymer or stainless-steel drain pan to deter microbial growth.

When water loop temperatures are cool enough, SmartSource Compact’s waterside economizer reduces energy consumption by using the loop water to condition a space without engaging the compressor. EC motors with adjustable airflow settings also boost airflow performance and enhance energy savings.

Both horizontal and vertical configurations are now available, and factory stocked for quick delivery.