Corrosion protection of Air Handling Units in spotlight of newest Eurovent Industry Recommendation

The long awaited Eurovent Recommendation 6/16 has been published. Developed by the Eurovent product Group ‘Air Handling Units’ (PG-AHU), this Code of Good Practice focuses on the corrosion protection of Air Handling Units. The document is freely available to the public.

The document discusses fundamentals of corrosion protection, explains the corrosivity categories of the environment and provides practical guidance on recommended properties of materials and corrosion protection measures depending on the respective environmental corrosivity.

Martin Lenz, Chairman of Eurovent PG-AHU, remarked: “Given that Air Handling Units are normally designed for 15-20 years of operation, the manufactures and system designers are often faced with the problem of correct selection of materials and corrosion protection means properly matched to the corrosivity of the environment. There appears to have been a lack of comprehensive guidance in this area to date, and this recommendation fills that gap.”

The Eurovent Recommendation 6/16 is available for download free of charge in the Eurovent Document Library: