Coolfinity: where cooling matters most

Credits: Coolfinity

In tropical and hot countries much can be gained in solving failing cooling from poor power supply: preserving food, saving lives and why not, enjoying cold drinks.  Improving people’s lives sometimes starts with reliable coolimg

Coolfinity, a Dutch enterprise, developed and patented a new cooling technology, which is called “IceVolt”.  IceVolt delivers reliable cooling, even in case of intermittent power supply under harsh tropical conditions (+35 ̊C).

This stationary cooler is designed to quickly cool down warm drinks at point of sales (e.g. bars and supermarkets).

When electricity is available, water in the icebank freezes, forming the thermal battery. When no power is available, the cold is slowly released, enabling the fridge to keep the content cold for up to two days. Water melting process guarantees a stable temperature of 3°C. The coolant used for freezing is propane R290, making this cabinet really climate friendly.

Moreover, only this fridge can cool down beverages with no power available in case it was placed warm in the fridge.

During the MEDICA trade fair in Dusseldorf, in 2020, Coolfinity will launch its IceVolt 300M medical cooler worldwide, the same technology used for medical purposes.

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