Changes in perspective

Man and woman making box form with hands, clear sky in box
Man and woman making box form with hands, clear sky in box

The change of perspective, to which we were obliged by the medical emergency, has not always proved catastrophic: how many things we have discovered we can do with much less expenditure of resources than before, without even that we would have never imagined it, without has the quality of work and communication been damaged? Of course: not for everyone and not for everyone it was like this, but we have to admit that for many things this turned out to be true. So shouldn’t this change of perspective become a general rule also for a world crisis that also causes damage and deaths, perhaps in a less spectacular way than Coronaviris, but certainly in numbers that it is less and less possible to ignore?

Change theme. The technologies that have reached the final for the coveted ($ 1 million!) Global Cooling Prize award that aims to lead to the development of a cooling technology 5 times more efficient than what is currently available on average on the market are now known. Many of these finalist technologies have one thing in common: a change of perspective. They completely abandon the technology of vapor compression or integrate it with technologies that are not very widespread today. One of these new ways of producing cold will receive the million dollars to be won and will probably affect the residential cooling of the next few years, with possible consequences also on refrigeration or air conditioning in other sectors. Again: a radical change of perspective, something that was previously not possible or thinkable, with the right context becomes possible. Perhaps, often, being able or not being able to solve a problem is only a matter of contexts and perspectives. As Kierkegaard said, what you see (or don’t see) is only a question of how you look.


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