CAREL@MCE 2024: the role of innovation in the energy transition

From 12 to 15 March 2024, CAREL will be exhibiting at Mostra Convegno Expocomfort, stand A31-B42, hall 11. Innovation, now demanded by the market and essential in developing increasingly efficient and sustainable solutions, is the cornerstone of the offering the company will be presenting at the show. Together with Group companies Enginia, Klingenburg and Recuperator, CAREL will be showcasing a global HVAC proposal for improving indoor air quality, with systems that increase performance and reduce energy consumption.

With its more than 50 years’ experience in the HVAC/R business, CAREL designs and develops cutting-edge solutions for system control, supervision and monitoring, contributing to the transition to smart commercial buildings and ensuring maximum comfort while reducing energy consumption. The Group’s control solutions implement advanced logic to optimise the operation of all types of units, ensuring comfort and smart energy management. Innovative heat recovery units, combined with adiabatic humidification, help ensure the required indoor air quality. In line with the European Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), CAREL’s technology suite – ranging from field devices to cloud services – supports the objectives of decarbonisation, sustainability and indoor air quality; intelligent use of the acquired data makes the proposed solutions ideal for multi-site operations, facilitating system maintenance and IT security.

Remote management, the use of artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity are fundamental elements of CAREL’s new programming model, presented in the software solutions that communicate with the controllers installed on HVAC units. With increasing connectivity and interconnection between devices, the Group is committed to guaranteeing cybersecurity in the HVAC industry, to protect systems against potential external threats. The new tool enables a reduction in software development time and streamlines the dialogue between the different players involved in the system’s life cycle:programming becomes more efficient and accessible, facilitating operations in the field and reducing the need to depend on highly-specialised technical personnel. Indeed, at a time when it is difficult to find qualified personnel, such simplification is crucial to guarantee system service continuity.

In the residential sector, the commitment to reducing emissions can be seen in the most innovative offering ever presented, a suite of components for optimum management of heat pump refrigerant circuits. Their integration into the unit control strategies makes the HVAC systems more reliable and adaptable to environmental variations, with an average increase in efficiency of between 25 and 40% compared to traditional devices. CAREL’s products making up the offering are defined as A3 ready, i.e. made in accordance with the latest safety regulations on the use of electronic devices with units that use flammable refrigerants.

CAREL also offers solutions and services for numerous industrial applications, where indoor air quality monitoring and control are essential to guarantee service continuity: the focus on sustainability and reducing energy consumption must not in fact disregard the need to avoid the processes being interrupted due to inefficiencies or maintenance requirements. Carefully managed and monitored systems, with constant temperature and humidity control based on manufacturing requirements, help extend the life cycle and ensure higher production quality in all sectors.