CAREL@Chillventa: improving refrigeration system performance

At the upcoming Chillventa (Nuremberg, 11-13 October 2022) CAREL will be presenting innovative solutions for increasing the energy efficiency and improving the performance of refrigeration systems.
The events that have shaped the last two years have brought about changes in many aspects of our daily life, directly and indirectly accelerating the trend that sees greater awareness of the key role that food quality, cost saving, environmental impact and the value of time have in people’s lives. In refrigeration systems, more aware technological choices can have a significant impact on energy consumption and food storage, and therefore become a positive factor for change in this crucial sector.
In order to support the drive to reduce energy consumption, guaranteeing complete management of refrigeration systems with the focus on energy efficiency and performance optimisation, CAREL has developed solutions capable of ensuring both the highest quality food preservation and ease of use, from installation through to everyday operation of the systems by the user.

DC technology and complete unit management

CAREL’s proposal for centralised systems is based on DC technology applied to both condensing units (Hecu solution) and units with rotary compressors (Multi DC solution). Synchronised operation of the variable-speed BLDC compressor with the inverter and the electronic valve allows continuous modulation of performance, meeting the load requirements of every refrigeration unit while adapting to specific daily and seasonal variability. For commercial refrigeration applications, complete unit management is ensured by the MPX and Heos solutions, electronic controllers developed to guarantee stable unit control temperature and integrated operation of modulating devices. All these controllers offer a high level of certification, making them suitable for incorporation into units that use flammable refrigerants (A3). Embedded NFC and Bluetooth connectivity respond to the need for extended and simplified usability, through the use of apps developed specifically for interaction with the unit.

A new controller for compact compressor racks

Connectivity revolutionises the way that technical personnel and users interact with refrigeration units, and all the functions used by the control system to manage a reliable and efficient compressor rack also need to be available remotely. CAREL has developed the uRack controller to meet all these needs of compressor racks, facilitating operation and improving performance through interaction with the APPLICA mobile app and connection to CAREL supervisory systems for remote monitoring and performance optimisation throughout the system life cycle.

Increased efficiency through support for installers in the field

Installation, commissioning, and maintenance are crucial links in the “cold chain”, operations that need to be managed effectively and often urgently. CAREL aims to revolutionise the traditional approach that involves difficult, costly, and time-consumingprocedures for installers, by making troubleshooting and configuration in the field extremely simple, fast and above all connected. The new iJW refrigeration controller, combined with the APPLICA app, ensures smart and intuitive commissioning for the main commercial refrigeration applications.

The reliability demanded by scientific applications

Temperature stability and traceability, reliability and effective alarm management are specific requirements for medical-scientific refrigerators. With an extended portfolio of connected controllers, CAREL embraces this evolution by offering simplified interaction through apps and IoT cloud services.
The iJS controller has been developed to ensure that the products are stored in the units in the best possible way and preserved in compliant conditions. The distinctive features that make the CAREL solution innovative for medical-scientific refrigeration applications include reliable temperature logging, display of the minimum and maximum temperatures reached inside the unit, and automatic management of optimisation procedures (exploiting the connectivity options).

hall 5, stand 5-306 & 308
Nuremberg, Germany
11-13 October 2022

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