CAREL: new white paper on system digitisation

Credits: Carel

The new CAREL white paper entitled “Digital technology for system management” is now online. The paper examines the fundamental role played by digital systems in making system control and optimization of energy consumption sustainable.

The fight against climate change and the need to achieve global environmental protection targets require digital services, integrated into the systems operating in the buildings where we live and work, buy goods or spend our free time. It has in fact been calculated that buildings are responsible for about half of the emissions of fine particulate matter (PM2.5), which are extremely harmful to humans. These emissions mainly derive from heating, cooling and hot water production systems, most of which are still today powered by fossil fuels.

The purpose of the latest-generation digital services is therefore to simplify effective building management, creating the right network of experts, data and technologies to optimise and upgrade new and existing systems. This white paper describes three examples of systems in different applications where data analysis has offered simple instructions on how to optimise system operation. Experience shows that tangible results are already achievable by correcting poor system configurations, more a result of the habits and behaviours of occupants than actual operational requirements. While maintaining the same comfort and performance levels, the digital system can suggest new control parameter configurations. Wider-scale analysis also makes it possible to anticipate malfunctions and schedule timely maintenance to restore optimal conditions.

Serena Ometto, Sales & Marketing Manager – Services Department, author of the white paper, commented: “Power is nothing without control! For both outdated systems and the latest-generation systems, in order to achieve the maximum performance for each specific technology, a digitalised building management system is essential”.