CAREL iJF, the connected control solution for professional refrigeration, awarded at Host 2023

CAREL announces its participation in HOST 2023, the important Italian event dedicated to the hospitality and catering sector, presenting its offer in the field of professional refrigeration for safe, smart and efficient food preservation.Central to the CAREL proposal is the iJ solution, an electronic control platform designed to meet the needs of the professional and commercial refrigeration market, winner in 2021 of the Gold European Product Design Award, and last 28 August awarded the SMART Label 2023, as part of the Host Innovation Awards promoted by the event Organisation and the Milan Polytechnic.
The features awarded by the jury are first and foremost technical, and include advanced algorithms for driving compressors with variable speed inverters, guaranteeing maximum energy efficiency of the refrigerated unit, and for managing temperature and humidity for better display and preservation of food over time. Also appreciated was the design of its display, completely “made in Italy”, – with curved lines that recall the historical structure of CAREL products – associated with cutting-edge technologies such as fully customisable touch buttons. Finally, iJF boasts an important “smart” element, i.e. advanced connectivity (NFC, Bluetooth®) that allows both interaction with the control via APP and remote access to the refrigerated units, through the new CAREL cloud portal called RED Control.

The real novelty of CAREL’s participation in Host is the RED Control cloud platform, which helps to optimise the work of all those involved in the catering business: in fact, it enables the centralisation and processing of data from connected controllers installed on the refrigeration units in the various plants. In the catering sector, proper food preservation means producing the reports required by current regulations to certify food quality. It also means being able to respond promptly in case of problems on the refrigerated counters where food is stored, to avoid possible food wastage. The role of RED control is to simplify and speed up temperature tracking for the end user and to improve the service level of technical support through real-time alarm notifications and remote data analysis. It also allows manufacturers of refrigeration units to monitor the quality of their products by analysing statistical data on the operation of said units. As is the case with the iJF solution and related APPs, with Red Control, CAREL also provides its customers with brand promotion. The solution is flexible so that it can be customised according to the specific style of each manufacturer.

Giovanni Tonin, Group Marketing Manager – Refrigeration Food Service – at CAREL said: “We are thrilled to be taking part in the event and honoured by the prestigious recognition from the Host Innovation Awards: innovation is in fact one of the driving forces behind CAREL’s growth, which for 50 years has been proposing new solutions that anticipate and satisfy the needs of the commercial refrigeration market. In the case of iJF, CAREL introduces a new way of interacting with electronic controls dedicated to refrigeration units: from the classic display with physical buttons, the interaction switches to smartphone APPs and cloud portals, simplifying operations for different classes of users. The SMART Label is an important recognition of CAREL’s ability to make these new technologies increasingly available to refrigeration unit manufacturers for the Food Service market.