CAREL A3 ready for ISH 2023

At ISH 2023, to be held from 13 to 17 March in Frankfurt, CAREL will be presenting its A3 ready solutions for residential and commercial heat pumps.

The targets set for 2030, namely a 55% reduction in emissions and REPowerEU, are key measures that will guide the industry in the transition to the safe use of natural refrigerants. CAREL is playing an active part in this transition, developing components and solutions that are not only safe and ready to use, but that ensure less use of non-renewable resources and the highest efficiency of the systems they are integrated into.

CAREL products are consequently A3 ready, i.e. compliant with the certification required for use with flammable gases. Given the increased production of heat pumps, estimated to rise to the hundreds of thousands of units per year in the near future, certification of the individual components and of the entire solution for use with natural and flammable refrigerants is essential to sustain the growth and development of the market. The compatibility of CAREL’s solutions starts at the heart of the system with the control software, i.e. the c.pCO sistema family electronic boards, and then extends to the entire system: correct power supply to the high-efficiency BLDC compressor is guaranteed by the PSD2* series inverters, while the pressure sensors installed in the circuit ensure operation remains within the limits. A further fundamental, innovative component is the E2V–F electronic expansion valve, a hermetic solution that prevents any leakages of refrigerant and features precise opening controlled by a dedicated stator.

In the commercial air conditioning sector moreover, efficient and optimised systems require control and monitoring of energy consumption. This is made possible by digital services, designed to support both users and service personnel in optimal building management. The boss family monitoring systems and tERA cloud infrastructure for remote monitoring allow installers and service technicians to manage unit commissioning and maintenance with quick and simple guided procedures. Furthermore, processing of the acquired data helps identify possible problems or declines in performance, and consequently promptly return to optimal operating conditions. One final distinctive feature of CAREL’s solutions is wireless connectivity for interaction with mobile devices using the CAREL “APPLICA” app, making it easier to configure parameters and commission the unit in the field.