BITZER keeps the system running

BITZER is the world’s largest independent specialist in refrigeration and air conditioning. In 2019 the company opened its new headquarters where it was originally founded in 1934: in Sindelfingen near Stuttgart

The term ‘essential services’ has been on everyone’s lips for several weeks now. This category includes hospitals, supermarkets and pharmacies in the age of the corona virus.

BITZER, the globally acting specialist for refrigeration and air conditioning technology, plays a key role in maintaining operations at essential facilities.

As a global player, BITZER employs 3,800 people at 72 locations in 37 countries. With the new company headquarters in Sindelfingen, the company made an architectural statement and confirmed its commitment to the location last year. 2019 also saw the first World Refrigeration Day, which will be celebrated again around the globe on 26 June 2020. ‘Based on the current situation, we’ll be celebrating this World Refrigeration Day virtually,’ says Patrick Koops, BITZER Press Officer.

There are many days of remembrance, but the current situation, in particular, reveals just how important refrigeration and air conditioning have become. Without the corresponding systems and solutions, essential facilities wouldn’t be able to function reliably. We would like to make this message the focus of this year’s event on 26 June,’ says Koops. World Refrigeration Day was created to inform consumers of the relevance of refrigeration and air conditioning technology in many aspects of life.

According to the company spokesperson, medical engineering is a good example: ‘All eyes are currently on science and the development of a vaccination for the corona virus. Reliable, high-precision cooling throughout each and every stage is a key requirement for success in researching new medications.’ He adds that exact temperatures in the production, storage and transport of medications represent yet another challenge. BITZER is involved across the board, including in collaboration with the Indonesian state-owned enterprise PT Bio Farma, which manufactures vaccinations and serums for better health care for the local population.

Together with the SCHAUFLER Academy, the company’s internal international training

The SCHAUFLER Academy is the BITZER international training centre

centre, BITZER has developed a special webinar for pupils for 26 June 2020. In line with the motto – ‘Don’t be a fool, stay cool. Why life without refrigeration and air conditioning just wouldn’t be possible’ – Volker Stamer, Director of the SCHAUFLER Academy, explains why we all desperately need cooling.

In the decades since it was founded in 1934, the long-standing company based in Sindelfingen has developed an extensive product portfolio and offers the appropriate solution for just about any application. This includes air conditioning for data centres as well as maintaining the appropriate temperatures for frozen pizzas at the supermarket and for overseas containers transporting fruit, for example, from Africa or Asia to Europe. ‘The products we design and manufacture are the core components of refrigeration and air conditioning systems,’ says Koops, adding that the same applies to the technical segment: servers at the data centres of large companies can only function reliably at the corresponding room temperatures.

Global activities are managed from the new company headquarters in Sindelfingen. Patrick Koops: ‘The striking building alongside the motorway has turned lots of heads. But because our products operate behind the scenes, they’re not automatically associated with the name BITZER.’ BITZER would like to change this with a dedicated communication campaign for World Refrigeration Day. Amongst others, the company will raffle a home ice cream machine via social media, allowing the winner to make ice cream, sorbet and frozen yogurt with ease and to enjoy one of the sweeter sides of refrigeration.