Bitzer Digital Network: an all-round digital overview of all Bitzer compressors

refrigerationworld 3 2021

Since the beginning of March 2021, Bitzer Digital Network (BDN) has been available for all partners of Bitzer, company specialized in refrigeration and conditioning. Through BDN, Bitzer allows users to gain access easily to precious digital services connected with Bitzer compressors for refrigeration and conditioning. Bitzer shares in the development of the Internet of Things in the refrigeration and conditioning sector: Bitzer Digital Network offers its users important information regarding products and applications for all Bitzer products. The latter include, for instance, the online monitoring, the reports about compressors’ operation and an immediate aid for the error search. The basis of all this is constituted by the cloud made available by Bitzer, as well as by the know-how and by IQ products by the refrigeration and conditioning specialist. In combination with a targeted data analysis, an innovative solution was so born on the market, which aids Bitzer partners in setting up and in widening their own infrastructure of digital services, enabling them to benefit from the user-friendly connection with its refrigeration systems and permitting both the remote access and the problem-solving in real time.

Digital service infrastructure
By means of BDN, users can both monitor the components of their refrigerating plants from a global perspective and implement detailed analyses. This includes any aspect: from the electronic database of spare parts to the online documentation, passing through selection software and compressor monitoring, up to the advanced analysis. BDN allows registering all BITZER products and in this way gaining access to important technical information, certificates and homologations. Besides, this tool allows loading documents that concern the application and managing maintenance activities.
Moreover, it is possible the cloud connection for IQ products by Bitzer: the report about compressors’ operation provides users with practical information to be used to improve all the aspects of system performances, as well as to solve errors. In case of anomalies, a warning is directly sent to the associated person. In this way, it is possible for instance to avoid after sale service technicians’ unnecessary interventions (or even to prevent them fully) and unexpected downtimes of refrigerating plants.

Access through myBITZER and SPOT app
Single users and enterprises can enter BDN through myBitzer portal. Here it is possible to create and to manage components, as well as entire plants and sites, with few clicks on the relative terminals. Moreover, through Bitzer SPOT app or other QR code readers, it is possible to register Bitzer products and to open them in BDN. If necessary, the different authorization levels for registered products can be managed autonomously. For the cloud connection, Bitzer puts at disposal a fully pre-configured gateway that allows users to start immediately with integration and use. In the Internet of Things, devices exchange information directly without human intervention. Through BDN, refrigerating plants can be monitored easily and efficiently.