Bandy rink in Fagersta, Sweden upgrades for smart and future-proof refrigeration with CO2 technology

Norra Västmanlands Kommunalteknikförbund (NVK) is currently modernising the bandy rink in Fagersta with a new, more environmentally friendly refrigeration system and digital monitoring. The bandy rink’s previous pipes and cooling machines with ammonia will be replaced with new refrigeration machines with carbon dioxide as refrigerant to create a more energy efficient and environmentally friendly outdoor arena. A new condition control system from Caverion called Huurre iTOP is also being installed to monitor the refrigeration system, ensuring optimal conditions set for ice rinks and outdoor facilities.

Our previous refrigeration system holds six tonnes of ammonia, which of course is not safe for the environment. It feels good to be able to replace obsolete technology with a new refrigeration solution where the refrigerant is carbon dioxide,” says Leif Ekengren, Operations engineer, NVK.NVK has chosen Caverion to also install electricity, ventilation, control and regulation technology and automation in addition to being responsible for refrigeration solutions. The work started in mid-April 2021.

We understand the conditions and new requirements for a climate-smart refrigeration market that is also constantly evolving and will get increasingly important as regulations tighten. Many of our customers need to replace their refrigerants with more environmentally friendly CO2 alternatives in the upcoming years. Aside from being environmentally friendly, our solutions also reduce the energy consumption in our customers’ facilities,” says Juha Mennander, Head of Caverion Sweden.The work is expected to be completed in mid-October 2021.