Australia: Green Scheme sets benchmark for low GWP

In Australia, the national Green Scheme Accreditation program is continuing to assist the industry in transitioning to low GWP refrigerants and a zero emissions future.

Run by the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC), Green Scheme is becoming the benchmark for industry and technicians whilst being formally recognised by various State Governments as a means of demonstrating competence in the low GWP refrigerant space.

ARC chief executive officer Glenn Evans said demand for accreditation to use low GWP refrigerants was increasing and this was critical in supporting the adoption of new technologies.

Industry has driven the need for Green Scheme with “forward-thinking technicians and businesses are lining up to qualify for Green Scheme Accreditation,” he said.

Apprentices are now making it part of their qualifications and skillset as they begin their careers, thanks to the scholarships provided by the Kirby Apprentice Fund.

“Kirby supports apprentices in undertaking CO2 training courses run at the Sydney Beijer Ref Academy in collaboration with Superior Training Centre (STC).

“The Beijer Ref Academy and STC offer accredited courses for air conditioning and refrigeration technicians at any stage of their careers to upskill in CO2refrigeration systems to comply with current safety legislation.”

Mr Evans said an important benefit was that government OH&S departments in some states now accepted Green Scheme Accreditation as a way to demonstrate OH&S competence.

Achieving government OH&S recognition is all part of ARC helping technicians and businesses transition to a low GWP climate control industry and ultimately a zero emissions future,” he said.

ARC Green Scheme Accreditation provides a pathway for RAC technicians to upskill, and facilitates the use of new and emerging refrigerants and technologies into the industry.

“It is the only national accreditation available for technicians to demonstrate they are qualified to work with hydrocarbons, CO2 (R744) and ammonia.

It is AQF qualifications-based and not only focuses on safety, but also provides industry and consumers with confidence that the industry-standard of high skills and professionalism will not be challenged.

For technicians seeking CO2 training, STC and Beijer Ref Academy have published their course dates for 2023 at