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Asercom, in Rome at ZeroEmission: renewables are sustainable? The risk of PFAS need.

At the presence of the Italian Minister of the Environment and Energy Mr Gilberto Picchetto Fratin, Asercom president, Marco Masini, had the chance to deliver a Keynote speech at the “Photovoltaics implementation for sustaining the market growth in Italy” to alert the industry and the Italian market about the risk of delaying the expected transition because of the “universal PFAS ban” proposed by the European Chemical Agency (ECHA).

“The polymers needed for the HVACR market to support the transition to low carbon economy with Heat Pumps are the same needed for Renewables such as photovoltaic, windmills and storage” said Marco Masini. “From the mid of last century we made a lot of improvements as society, and also factories in Europe became more and more careful about production emissions and controls. No one would spoil energy or scraps nowdays, since it’s part of the richness in balance sheets”.

Materials such as PTFE, PVDF and other molecules are so important for compressors as well as for PV inverters, and “the coupling of heat pumps with renewables is a winning approach” continue Marco Masini. And concludes: “Italy is one of the most important market for heat pumps in Europe, and the presence of the Minister Picchetto Fratin at this trade show for renewables is a good signal for supporting the path to real sustainability, which deserve a wise and careful approach to PFAS to not spoil the efforts.”