On November 10th,  Arneg held the inauguration event for its Technology Pole, a new space where innovative ideas can take shape freely. The Company welcomed a selected group of guests to share this beautiful milestone, narrating the salient steps of the project and the potential of the new R&D centre, where every day a team of engineers and specialized technicians deal with research, design, testing and regulation.

From the first laboratory set up in 1992 the Company never stopped growing, arriving today at this state-of-the-art research centre in terms of both equipment and energy sustainability. Arneg’s past and future come together in this new complex, which consists of two buildings: a historic villa from the early 1900s, a Beaux-Arts heritage site dedicated to office activities and the metrology laboratory, and a cutting-edge facility with 35% more testing capacity housing 7 test rooms and 11 data acquisition workstations.

There are many characteristic elements of the new centre, whose design was realised by a pool of architects from the Politecnico di Milano led by Prof. Barbara Bogoni. Among them all, a special place is occupied by the artwork Nuovi Mondi, a large bronze portal created by artist Amedeo Fiorese, which opens the doors of the centre to ideas, research and innovation.

The process of renovating the villa and building the new laboratories took four years, in one of the most critical periods for building infrastructure due to the shortage of raw materials. Despite this, Arneg succeeded in the feat of constructing a building with challenging objectives also from an energy point of view, with reduced consumption, partial energy autonomy and a system for recovering the energy produced by the test cycles, with a view to sustainability.