Arneg presents ARLES SMART AIR – High technology at the service of fresh meat

ARLES SMART AIR is the refrigerated counter designed by Arneg for the butchery sector and the best preservation and presentation of fresh meat.

Characterised by a minimalist design and maximum transparency for an all-round overview of quality and freshness, it is equipped with an innovative technology that keeps temperature and humidity under control day and night.

In daytime operation, the refrigerated bottom, the evaporator on the back and a special air flow guarantee perfect temperature and humidity.

In night operation, the proper automatic adjustments and the presence of the night curtain allow the meat to be kept inside the cabinet, without having to return it to a dedicated cold room, with obvious savings in terms of time and management.

The results are remarkable: thanks to ARLES SMART AIR the goods can be stored inside the counter for several days, keeping its organoleptic and aesthetic characteristics unchanged.

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