Frigo Tecnica

Arneg and Frigo Tecnica Internazionale, company based in Ascoli Piceno and active in industrial refrigeration since 1981, are proud to announce the birth of a valuable alliance that adds a further step to their growth path.

Frigo Tecnica deals with the production of equipment in integrated systems for industrial refrigeration. Since the beginning, when the core business focused on the production of refrigeration systems for the naval sector, the company’s mission has always been to provide technical innovations that lead to sustainable solutions. Today, the company’s business has expanded to include logistics, soil freezing and, above all, food processing. One of the many valuable examples is an ammonia plant with an exceptional power of 8 MegaWatts, built for a major Saudi Arabian food processing company.

From a technological point of view, Frigo Tecnica’s distinguishing features are: the long-standing use of natural refrigerants, including ammonia which, as a natural gas with one of the most ecological and economical cooling capacities, has thermodynamic and environmental benefits that are clearly superior to the more common fluorinated gas. In recent years, also the technology for constructing high-efficiency compression packages that guarantee energy savings for users, certified also by obtaining TEE (Energy Efficiency Certificates).

This and many other specificities of the new partner are an opportunity for Arneg to significantly integrate its product offering, creating additional business opportunities in the industrial refrigeration sector. Frigo Tecnica will benefit from this partnership through access to new technologies, a broader customer base and the benefit generated by economies of scale. The global presence of the Arneg Group will support and at the same time take advantage of this new synergy to achieve new goals.

It is with great satisfaction that Arneg welcomes Frigo Tecnica, with particular reference to the figures of Chairman Enzo Tassotti and Chief Executive Officer Paolo Lucci, who declares himself ”extremely pleased to have joined the great Arneg family. The most significant advantage for both parties will be the possibility of combining the knowledge, skills and experience of the highly qualified personnel of the two companies, in order to exploit this precious diversity to generate new stimuli and ideas for growth”.

More than the inevitable response to a period of crisis, diversification is the way to strengthen its foundations and face the future more solidly.