Arneg and Intrac re-establish their winning alliance in the Bulgarian market

The reliability of the Arneg Group has secured the furnishing of a new shop for Fantastico, Bulgarian chain active in the sector for over 30 years. Arneg and Intrac joined forces to design a configuration of counters and shelving that would guarantee continuity in product display along with maximum efficiency.


The centrepiece of Arneg supply for this point of sale is undoubtedly the BADEN refrigerated counter, in which the stylistic lightness combines a wide range to offer the ideal solution for every need. In particular, here the versatility of BADEN is enhanced by its use in multiple versions, including the culinary counter, the one specifically designed for fish and the tall serve-over counter for the sushi bar. In addition, to satisfy the desire for visual continuity in a particularly long canalization of the counters, the side and intermediate shoulders have been further customised and lightened, giving greater visibility and elegance to the display of food.

Among the other counters that compose the shop layout there are:

CHESTER 2, the semi-vertical ideal for displaying fruit and vegetables, thanks to its slim shelves available in various depths and reduced frontal impact

PANAMA 3, vertical multi-deck, positive temperature with a wide range of accessories that make it suitable for all types of packaging for a more versatile display combination

TORONTO 4P, closed island for the conservation of frozen products

LOSANNA LX, rear service cabinet for the display of salami and cold cuts

VELDEN LX, ideal for the best promotion of gourmet products thanks to its minimalist design enhanced by transparency and emotional lighting.

The entire complex of counters is powered, in the name of sustainability, by the BOOSTER CO2 rack, which operates in a transcritical cycle and combines medium and low temperature refrigeration on the same frame.

In addition, Intrac, a company of Arneg Group specialised in shelving and furnishings for large-scale distribution, completed the shop’s fittings with shelving from the IMZ25 line and related accessories.


The Fantastico store in Botevgrad, which opened in December 2021, boasts particular excellence in the culinary counter, always fresh and renewed daily in the menu, with a considerable variety of choices, from salads to sandwiches, first and second courses of meat and fish. Even the most refined palates are delighted by the delicacies of the sushi bar, and the most demanding can find what they are looking for in the large area dedicated to organic and healthy food. The shop’s colourful, eye-catching design invites customers to enjoy a young, contemporary shopping experience.