Air Liquide and Hefei Institutes of Physical Science join hands to promote the development of helium refrigeration equipment in China

Helium refrigerators are key high-tech equipment, based on the expertise in extreme cryogenics, necessary in many scientific instruments such as superconducting power equipment, superconducting accelerators, superconducting magnets, fusion devices or other scientific laboratories. Helium refrigerators produce the very low temperatures needed to provide the superconducting conditions to allow these instruments to operate.

Under this upcoming joint venture, Air Liquide will bring its mastery of extreme cryogenics and its know-how in the design and manufacturing of helium refrigerators while HFIPS will share its mastery of specific cryogenics applications and deep understanding of research needs and organizations in China. The two parties will leverage on their own advantages thanks to open innovation to jointly promote the localized production and extensive application of helium refrigerators to customers in China.

This agreement illustrates Air Liquide’s willingness to constantly innovate and to be close to the customers. Thanks to its technologies Air Liquide continues to invent the future and to meet the evolving needs of its customers and the challenges of society, both domestically and globally.

Nicolas Poirot, President  & CEO of Air Liquide China commented: “We are delighted to cooperate with Hefei Institutes of Physical Science to promote the localized production and application of helium refrigeration systems and jointly contribute to the evolution of Big Science. Air Liquide will continue to integrate global resources and technologies, strengthen exchanges and cooperations with local enterprises and research institutions, and actively participate in the open innovation and economic and social development of Anhui Province and Hefei.”