Aereco joins Eurovent as newest Corresponding Member

Aereco, one of France’s leading manufacturers of hybrid and mechanical ventilation systems has been formally approved to join the Eurovent family during a recent online meeting of the association’s Board of Directors.

Headquartered in Marne la Vallée, France and with offices around Europe, Asia and the USA, Aereco develops innovative ventilation solutions for residential and office buildings. Their systems fully meet the current building challenges with regard to energy efficiency and indoor air quality. Aereco offers several lines of products that can be implemented in various systems, from natural and hybrid ventilation to mechanical exhaust and heat recovery ventilation.

Mr Quentin Liebens, Aereco’s R&D Project Manager and Public Affairs Manager remarked: “Certain buildings (residential or non-residential) require different ventilation systems, and it is essential to come up with the appropriate technical solution for each building in order to have the best balance between a good indoor air quality and effective building performance. We are certain that by joining Eurovent, we will work together in showing the importance of efficient ventilation systems in our buildings for good indoor air quality and effective building performances. We look forward to working well with Eurovent.”