A new CAREL solution for heat pumps: three-phase inverter with active PFC

The innovative power+ three-phase inverter with active PFC developed by CAREL is a power converter for applications with variable-speed compressors and permanent magnet synchronous motors, ensuring full compatibility with IEC 61000-3-2(<16A) at any current value.

The unique feature of this inverter – one of the first in the sector – is that it can absorb a sinusoidal input current, making it fully compliant with EN61000 in any load condition and without needing additional passive filtering components. Furthermore, the harmonic distortion of the input current remains less than 5% across the range.

The electronic architecture of the inverter is designed to increase the available voltage, keeping it stable with lower power consumption; unit performance compared to the traditional configuration is increased, thanks to a higher speed reached under the same thermodynamic conditions. The benefits of these features across the entire structure of the solution include better sizing of the wiring and the unit protection systems, as well as greater stabilitywhen operating in areas exceeding the compressor voltage limit.

The inverter is available in a new metal casing that increases heat exchange and improves EMC performance, in three different versions: with passive heatsink, coldplate adapter or coldplate with water circulation. In each version, the new plug-in connectors make it possible to eliminate additional wiring, making installation quick, simple and flexible, reducing the weight of the electronics in the application, as well as using superior materials such as copper.