A CAREL event to unveil the future of adiabatic humidification

The benefits of air humidity control on human health, numerous production processes and food preservation quality are today unanimously recognised by the scientific community and the entire HVAC sector. The new family of humiFog Multizone Touch humidifiers has been developed with the aim of offering an adiabatic solution that is adaptable to different air handling units, energy efficient and with low operating and installation costs compared to other humidification solutions.

During the free webinar, schedules for 4 May at 4 pm (CEST), CAREL will present the features and functions of these high-pressure atomised water humidifiers, demonstrating their flexibility and ability to guarantee high efficiency with low energy costs: affordable adaptation to any type of air handling unit is a need resulting from the variety of different application requirements, one of the main focuses when developing the new solution. humiFog Multizone Touch is therefore a fundamental component in achieving better indoor air quality due to the importance of adequate relative humidity control.

The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has in fact highlighted how the impact of adequate relative humidity control is decisive for human health, however the recent increase in energy costs makes running older systems, which require high energy consumption to ensure optimal operation, much less cost effective. Choosing an adiabatic humidifier is one potential strategy for achieving the same efficiency at lower costs than when using an isothermal equivalent. Indeed, all environments, whether industrial, commercial, or healthcare, need to ensure that relative humidity remains between 40% and 60%, as this helps to strengthen the human immune system and reduce the vitality of microbes and bacteria, making a huge difference in the prevention of respiratory ailments. The intake of fresh outside air into buildings by mechanical ventilation – essential especially in the winter – also affects indoor relative humidity: adiabatic systems help recreate the ideal humidity conditions identified by the scientific community over the last decade, and especially following the Covid-19 pandemic.

CAREL has twenty years’ experience in adiabatic humidification, and humiFog Multizone Touch exploits this expertise to offer products that mark a turning point with respect to pre-pandemic technology. The main innovations start from the design of different pumping stations through to the distribution system, comprising racks for applications in air handling units or blowers for in-room applications.  Finally, to guarantee a complete solution that fully achieves the expected performance and makes system management simple, with controlled costs, numerous support and maintenance services are available for humiFog Multizone Touch: these include DigitalHUM, the CAREL portal for the supervision and remote control of humidifiers.

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