Enex Technologies, the industrial group comprising Arctic, Emicon, Enex, EOS Refrigeration, Ethratech, Hidros, Kobol, Morgana, Roen Est and Samifi France, has completed its new factory in Vacil di Breda (TV), which will serve as the production site of Enex srl and the headquarters of the Enex Technologies group.

The building spans approximately 8000 square meters and is currently operational, housing a total of 6 production lines tailored to specific machine types, allowing for the production of units with lengths of up to 12 meters.Refrigeration racks, heat pumps and chillers are manufactured in various versions with power capacities ranging from 1.5 to 2.0 MW. The facility consists of dedicated stations for preparing semi-finished stainless-steel parts, assembling, welding, and conducting high-pressure tests, as well as insulation and electrical wiring processes.

Upon reaching full operational status, it will have the capability to manufacture an average of 15 machines per week, totaling 700 units annually, starting from 2025.

The factory has been designed from the ground up according to the most advanced Lean Manufacturing criteria (continuous improvement and operational excellence). It is equipped with automated systems for managing warehouse components, such as an automatic warehouse and a milk run train. Additionally, there are bunkers available for conducting high-pressure and leak tests.

Special emphasis has been placed on environmental considerations, including waste management, electric vehicle charging stations, solar panels, and a reversible CO2 chiller for heating and cooling purposes. Additionally, careful attention has been given to the design of both the production area and offices to prioritize the safety and well-being of workers, with features such as relaxation areas, a rooftop terrace, and a feng shui garden. A showroom is currently undergoing final touches, transforming into a space where the history of the group, product innovation, and Enex Technologies’ commitment to sustainability through the use of natural refrigerants will be on display.

The inauguration of the facility is set to take place on September 18-20th, with local government and prominent industry figures in attendance.